Yoshi Sodeoka - The Flood - Orchestrated #13

The Flood - Orchestrated #13

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The Flood is a video art series delving into the subtle complexities of arachnid behaviour through the lens of code-based simulations. Inspired by the intricacies of spiders and the Boid algorithm, the series meticulously explores over 50 randomised parameters, creating a nuanced representation of predator-prey interactions within a digital ecosystem.

Within this simulated realm, viewers are presented with two distinct groups — predators and prey — each guided by algorithmically generated movements. The calculated precision of the predators mirrors the hunting strategies observed in spiders, while the prey, resembling delicate insects, respond with nuanced evasive manoeuvres.

The Flood
serves as an observation of small-scale habitats, offering a quiet yet compelling study of the mathematical underpinnings governing the behaviours of these algorithmically animated life forms. The title itself alludes to the inundation of visual information, reflecting the richness and abundance found in the diversity of algorithmic parameters.

The series unfolds as a subdued ballet of survival, inviting contemplation of the delicate balance between order and randomness. The randomised parameters introduce an element of variability, ensuring that each iteration of The Flood is a distinct exploration into algorithmic precision and the organic rhythms of spider-like existence. The series encourages viewers to reflect on art, nature, and technology in a meticulously simulated flood of algorithmic expressions.

The Flood
unfolds as an exploration into the dynamics of spiders, further enriched by the presence of two distinct groups: The Flood: Orchestrated and The Flood: Chaos The former embodies a meticulously staged and scripted approach, where each animation begins with a carefully designed initial setting. In The Flood: Orchestrated, the precision of the predator-prey interactions reflects a deliberate choreography inspired by the calculated movements of spiders. On the other hand, The Flood: Chaos embraces a more spontaneous and less scripted narrative. Here, the same initial setting serves as the canvas for an algorithmically driven dance of randomness. The animations within The Flood: Chaos flow freely, creating an organic and unpredictable display of arachnid-inspired behaviours. Together, these two groups within the series offer viewers a dual perspective, showcasing the contrast between orchestrated precision and the unrestrained beauty found in the chaos of algorithmic expression.


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January 19, 2024

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January 19, 2024