John Provencher - [test] #15

[test] #15

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[test] is a generative script that tests various image processing/downscaling algorithms, exploring the image's resilience to resolution and dither.

The Mona Lisa is often used for image-based algorithms [compression, noise reduction, image scaling and interpolation, edge detection, color correction, etc …] due to its detailed and recognizable features. Over time, the original painting remains in a continuous flux of digital transformations as it serves as a benchmark for these algorithms & programs. These endless variations push the material limits of the original painting... Pixels are stretched, assorted, down/up-sized, and re-arranged, making the Mona Lisa a digital motif of endless variation.

is an exploration of form within the limitations of the past, where colors and resolution were limited and screens were textured, hued, faded. Even within these limitations, the generative potential of a single image is endless and the possibility for new images arise with each output.


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June 27, 2024

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June 27, 2024