Michael Kozlowski - Tectonics #050

Tectonics #050

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Tectonics is a short-form generative series by Michael Kozlowski exploring geometric recursion. Recursion is the mathematical process of self-referential algorithms commonly seen throughout a variety of nature and computer science. The project’s algorithm interpolates on its own colors, geometries, and functions to generate emergent and complex compositions reminiscent of cubist paintings. Kozlowski also incorporates a set of generative post-processing shaders to give the project a stronger illustrative and hand-drawn feel. The final output blurs the lines between what can be seen as digital and what can be seen as analogue, playing on the narrative of man vs. machine.


Recursion is a common technique of computational problem solving involving self-referential functions. Tectonics is a generative, 90-piece visual study of recursion, an exploration that produced unlikely associations with traditional cubism.


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September 7, 2022

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February 22, 2023