Matt DesLauriers - Subscapes #438

Subscapes #438

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Subscapes is a series of 650 uniquely generated works released by Matt DesLauriers as part of the Art Blocks Curated collection. Confined within just 17kb of minified JavaScript code, Subscapes is a stunning example of just how diverse but cohesive a long-form generative series can be. The series explores recreating natural and familiar landscapes consisting of their own structures, topologies, and palettes. Each terrain rendered creates a unique digital ecosystem of attributes that collide to generate sublime aesthetics and environments. With the general composition consisting of pen-like strokes, DesLauriers maintains a strong focus on plotting possibiltles inspired by pioneers such as A. Michael Noll and Vera Molnár. Touching on the technical aspect of the series, the script combines several high-level graphical programming tools including 3D projection, poisson disk sampling, ray-casting, diffuse lighting, parametric geometry, and more. Subscapes #438 showcases a rising cliffside that cascades into the underlying river, displaying one of the rarer variations of the algorithm.

A generative algorithm that draws the impression of a landscape from a multitude of possibilities. The unique seed from each token drives the parametric assortment of lines, colors, and forms into a constructed composition.

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April 23, 2021

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March 20, 2023