Michael Connolly - Repeater #132

Repeater #132

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Repeater is the genesis fx(hash) project of 500 unique generative works by Michael Connolly. Connolly explores how far he can stretch the all-familiar grid structure by altering colors, shapes, and the interaction between the two. The piece starts as an even grid of mixed colored stripes and triangles before being transformed through a series of eight copy/paste mechanisms either set on or off dependent on the hash. These transformative mechanisms are subsequently fed back into the looping algorithm, creating a wide array of unique emergent compositions ranging from clean minimalist repetitions to fractured glitches. Connolly points to Agnes Martin’s ‘imperfect’ minimalism and 8vo’s Octavo magazine work as direct inspiration for the project’s system and aesthetics.


Cut, copy, paste, repeat.



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December 9, 2021

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March 29, 2023