Claire Silver - paracosm #16

paracosm #16

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paracosm: noun. An intricate imaginary world born in childhood. Often begun as a subconscious escape from traumatic experience, the child forms deep connections with the paracosm, including complex relationships with its characters and settings that shape the creator's personality as they age. Existing with its own unique geography and lore, this world grows more sophisticated with time, potentially enduring into adulthood.

If one is invited into a paracosm by its creator, it will often come in pieces. Their world is secret and sacred, as deeply personal as the innermost self. Sharing it with another makes them forever part of that world, and by proxy, forever part of its creator.

This collection is a visualization of part of the artist's paracosm. A text-to-image model was trained on some of their memories of that world and its inhabitants. Each piece at mint will be cropped, with the intention of serving as a window to look inside. After the exhibition completes, collectors pieces will fully reveal, rich in narrative detail and sentiment. In this way, the artist is inviting you, step by step, into their world--and by proxy, to become forever part of it.


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May 6, 2023

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May 6, 2023