Cornelia Sollfrank - OG flowers #2

OG flowers #2

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OG Flowers is a genesis series created by pioneering artist Cornelia Sollfrank that was digitally released and exhibited through a collaborative effort between Panke Gallery and Office Impart. The series was created through the help of Sollfrank’s iconic net art generator program written with Perl programming language. The original generator includes a website where visitors can input keywords that are used as the seed for the system to create a collaged composition of images pulled from the internet. The 100 Warhol inspired images included in the series were originally created by an anonymous user of the generator on May 22, 2010. Each piece incorporates Warhol’s recognizable hibiscus flower paintings, blending them through a series of post-processing scripts to create what Sollfrank calls “networked images”. The series explores the ideas of art copyright, digital authorship, and originality all as an extension of Sollfrank’s on-going “this is not by me” project.


The 100 imgs were created by an anonymous user of the generator exactly on 22 May 2010, a historical date in the genesis of crypto currency.

They belong to the anonymous-warhol-flowers series and are part of the on-going artistic research project “this is not by me” (since 2004) in which the artist explores questions of digital authorship, originality, copyright and ownership exemplified by the iconic Warhol flowers.


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February 12, 2023

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February 12, 2023