Qubibi - mimizu Untitled #27

mimizu Untitled #27

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The mimizu Untitled series brings together the largest single release ever assembled from this body of work in five years of their making.

Over this time, the finest and rarest collectible worms have been cultivated and documented for connoisseurs visiting his storeroom. These organisms, their dwellings, and what they leave behind have been subject to Qubibi's nanoanalysis and generative processes, capturing the essence of mimizu. The main findings of this long-term study, and their leftovers, have revealed the inner technical nature of living tissue, decaying matter, and the eccentric tendencies of those drawn to these works.This mimizu Untitled series embodies a range of styles across past mimizu, extending them into something new – and unlike anything else within the rapidly budding survey of generative art.

Pigment print with carbon black on 350gsm Hahnemuhle Museum Etching paper, signed
58.4cm / 23in long

The unique digital artwork comes with a 23in archival print, and is connected to an NFT on the ethereum blockchain. The original purchaser of this artwork can claim the physical print on Artfora with payment of shipping costs.


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December 6, 2023

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December 6, 2023