Herbert W. Franke - Math Art (1980-1995) - Math Art 95 - No. 23

Math Art (1980-1995) - Math Art 95 - No. 23

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Math Art (1980-1995) - Math Art 95 is the first work to be minted digitally on the blockchain by pioneering computer artist, Herbert W. Franke. The series consists of 100 unique artworks ranging from Franke’s 1980 to 1995 creative process. Franke’s iconic Math Art series explores a variety of mathematical investigations transformed into visual art, including complex Fourier transformations and Mandelbrot fractals. Additionally, some of the editions were originally created through collaborative efforts with other generative art pioneers such as Gottfried Jäger and Horst Helbig. Many of the aesthetics and forms seen in the series are remarkably reminiscent of today’s contemporary generative work, displaying Franke’s visionary eye for early computer art. The project was released on the Quantum platform and intended to commemorate his birthday while raising funds for his foundation. The legendary Franke still actively created digital work at the age of 95, displaying his penchant to adopt emerging technologies in an ever-evolving world.


Math Art is the first NFT drop by Herbert W. Franke, forefather of media art. This 100 piece-collection is drawn from his iconic 80s series Math Art where mathematical investigation is translated into visual art, with a stunning variety of forms that is strikingly reminiscent of Pop Art.


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May 31, 2022

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December 14, 2022