Shunsuke Takawo - Marching Resonances #13

Marching Resonances #13

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The central theme of this series, featuring recursive divisions of circles and polygons, originated from sketches in September 2022. As is often the case for me, my sketches begin without a vital purpose, taking on a fluid and undefined quality. They resemble malleable clay, combining and reworking multiple small ideas until mutable elements and immutable structures emerge. I have crafted the present collection of works by refining and developing these structures, pushing them as far away from the original image as possible while ensuring coherence.

Incorporating a color palette inspired by traditional Japanese dyes, shading techniques mindful of harmony, and methods such as circle packing and transformation builds upon the foundation of my previous work. However, this new collection consciously explores the concepts of convergence and divergence within and beyond the canvas. Furthermore, I have created a unique and remarkable series by envisioning their display in a traditional Japanese residence, such as the historic Asakura House.

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May 5, 2023

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May 5, 2023