Juan Pedro Vallejo - Interferences #28

Interferences #28

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Click and drag (dont forget realease) to find new combinations. Go to the center to close the interference. Go to the edges to open it. Double click change mode (Auto - Tactil )

INTERFERENCES is about reordering the elements, altering the parts that make up the shapes and identifying the possibilities of color ordering.Here, the variability is found in the subtle, seeking to challenge the sensitive vision of the viewer, generating displacement effects, or simply proposing a minimal visual design.

Interferences is an excuse to return to color theories from the Bauhaus and Latin American cinetics artist, that made up the artistic avant-garde of the 1950s. From there, the project seeks to continue developing on the relative characteristics of color: those situations in which our experience of the color changes according to the context. How to use color? It's not what colors, but how colors are used that define artists.

The instability appears as a game in the work on the form, breaking out the circle as a standard of harmony and perfection. How far can you continue to recognize a shape? It is this instability that suggests movement, like a photograph of a moment in the sequence, waiting to be completed.

What characteristics does the work of art of web3.0 must have? That was one of the questions that motivated this work. There could be several answers, but I think one of them would definitely have to do with the possibility of change: is not a jpg, is not a .mov: it is a piece of software that you can touch and modify, find new possible outputs and play with variability.

Interferences is a project of #purevisibility: there is no message. There is experience.


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September 30, 2022

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November 28, 2023