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Infinite Images ∞ 359

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Infinite Images ∞ The only artworks created with DALLE-1 by OpenAI.

“In 2021 we were invited by OpenAI to work with the DALL-E 1 research model as part of a commission. “Infinite Images” are the product of these experiments, large images meticulously constructed piece by piece to explore the models capacity for coherence.

This context hints at why themes of reflection in water and glass, horizon lines and mountain ranges appear so frequently, as the works were constructed by playing an exquisite corpse game with the model. A single initial generation could now be infinitely expanded upon in any direction. To our knowledge these are the only artworks produced with the original DALL-E model. They represent a transitional phase from the more abstract generations of the models that preceded it, and the high fidelity models we are used to today.”
Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst

The total collection size is 682 artworks, broken down into the following categories:

Genesis Sets
These were the initial 'genesis' artworks created by Holly and Mat when they first accessed the model in 2021. The outputs were small, 256-pixel squares, presented in a grid format. Genesis sets are sold in groups of 9 individually minted artworks, each carefully curated by Alejandro Cartagena in collaboration with the artists. There are a total of 15 genesis sets, comprising 135 artworks. Prints, 20 x 20cm (*9), are also available to the NFT holder at cost.

Medium Artworks
These artworks were created a few weeks after the Genesis Sets, following OpenAI's development of a prompting interface that produced larger samples, each 1024 pixels per square. In total, there are 500 medium-sized artworks. Prints, 50 x 50cm, are also available to the NFT holder at cost.

Special FormatsThese are higher-resolution artworks created once OpenAI developed a painting tool that allowed compositions to be ‘stamped' and 'stitched' together. In total, there are 47 Special Format artworks:

  • 5 panel murals (6 artworks, prints approx. 180 x 500cm)
  • 4 panel murals (8 artworks, prints approx. 180 x 400cm)
  • 3 panel murals (10 artworks, prints approx. 180 x 300cm)
  • XL collages (10 artworks, prints 200cm on longest side)
  • L collages (13 artworks, prints 125cm on longest side)

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June 29, 2024

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July 1, 2024