Juan Rodriguez Garcia - En Mi Cuerpo #50

En Mi Cuerpo #50

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“En Mi Cuerpo” represents an integrated effort to explore and represent the human body through systems and algorithms. This project arises as a natural evolution of the artist’s last series “Forma y Orden” which focused on the concept of perception that we have with respect to the order of things and their representation in the tangible environment.

“En Mi Cuerpo” shifts the focus to human anatomy and explores how technology can deepen our understanding of this relationship. In this project, three-dimensional models composed of layers with solid colors and various textures are used. This exploration not only allows for a visual synthesis of the elements contained, but also represents a compilation and continuity of the work done over the last couple of years within Rodríguez García’s artistic practice.


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June 10, 2024

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June 10, 2024