William Mapan - Distance #189

Distance #189

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Distance is a series of computational artworks created by French artist William Mapan, generated randomly on chain. Volume 5 of The Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Remembrance of Things Future initiative, in which contemporary artists experimenting with blockchain technology are invited to respond to works in the museum, Distance is Mapan’s homage to Paul Klee’s iconic 1914 watercolor, In the Kairouan Style, Transposed in a Moderate Way, in LACMA’s encyclopedic collection. Made in support of LACMA's Art and Technology Lab in collaboration with Cactoid Labs, Distance is an exploration of color, form and the ability of code to give rise to painterly, organic textures that resolve into abstracted aerial landscapes. “Distance is about standing back from what you see. I was reflecting on my past works and it is always about my personal experience. It is about seeing the bigger picture.”


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September 13, 2023

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September 13, 2023