Tyler De Witt - DEAFBEEF Vol. 2, Series 0: Caves - Token 3

DEAFBEEF Vol. 2, Series 0: Caves - Token 3

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Caves is a generative audio-visual series displaying Herbert W. Franke as an ASCII adventurer exploring an unknown and complex procedurally generated cave. Once the adventurer has mapped the entire area, he moves on to a new, more intricate and expansive level, constantly venturing in the pursuit of knowledge. The project draws two major inspirations branching from the career of computer art pioneer, Herbert W. Franke. First, the aesthetic composition is directly inspired by Franke’s iconic Drakula series that can be found in institutions such as the V&A, Spalter Digital, and SIGGRAPH. Second, the series theme of an adventurer mapping out caves relates to Franke’s career as a curious and brave speleologist.

The project was a part of the monumental Tribute to Herbert W. Franke curation composed by Anika Meier and Susanne Päch. The showcasing was intended to support the development, publication, and preservation of Franke’s pioneering computer generated work.


DEAFBEEF2: Generative On-Chain Multimedia Art

DEAFBEEF Vol. 2 Series 0 - Caves - Token 3

In this generative audiovisual work in the style of ASCII roguelike games, a lone adventurer descends to explore fractal caves of increasing complexity.

Sound and animation procedurally generated by self contained C code.

Released on the occasion of the Tribute to Herbert W. Franke, commemorating his love of exploration in diverse fields including speleology(cave exploration), mathematics, computer art and science fiction.


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October 11, 2021

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October 13, 2022