Jenni Pasanen - Cry Me A... #21

Cry Me A... #21

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Collection of 100 gently floating eyes shedding a flow of tears, combining AI, digital painting, and code, a collaborative work between Jenni Pasanen and Bruta. Some works start from an idea, while others start from visuals or a story. Origin of this project begins from error of the human mind, followed by gratitude, tears, and kindness, and after long time evolved to something completely new. Sometimes errors and accidents can lead us to greatest moments of our lives. Always embrace every moment, as you never know where it leads you.

With this project, I want to express how AI can be bridged between different tools and ways of making art. Creating doesn't have to follow certain rules or just stick inside the borders of one technique; it can flow between many. In the project AI worked as an inspiration, as well as a paint, expanding through multiple tools and variations. Combined with digital painting & animation, and bound together with code and interaction. Breaking the expected brings joy through the unexpected.


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May 7, 2023

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May 7, 2023