Jeres - Coronado #31

Coronado #31

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This series is about the beauty and charm of imperfection, chaos amidst order, and letting go. It's about knowing that however much control we think we may have, things can all fall apart or burst into something unexpectedly wonderful at any moment, even without our hands tightly on the reigns.

Please see fxtext article linked from main project page for more background on the project and rendering notes.

Some key commands in live mode:

G : Toggle grain
S : Save current resolution
1 : 4000x5000
2 : 6000x7500
3 : 8000x10000
4 : 10000x12500
5 : 12000x15000
6 : 14000x17500
(1-6 work best on Chrome)
(rendering takes longer as resolution increases)


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Date of Mint

November 3, 2022

Date of Acquisition

December 5, 2023