Marcel Schwittlick - Composition #86: It is what it is #67

Composition #86: It is what it is #67

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This token is part of the series Composition #86: It is what it is, consisting of 101 unique luminograms. Each iteration was created with a vintage plotter, utilizing custom electronics to control a laser pointer's brightness via Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). The laser exposes light-sensitive paper with green light, in a darkroom setting. Following the exposure each piece has then been developed using traditional photo development techniques. Each luminogram has been hand-made by the artist.

This token comes with the original, to be claimed by the token holder. Upon resale on the secondary market, the original shall be shipped to the new owner. The receiver of the work will cover shipping costs.

Light on Ilford Multigrade RC Deluxe paper

17,8 x 24cm / 7 x 9.5in


Marcel Schwittlick


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Date of Mint

May 27, 2023

Date of Acquisition

December 6, 2023