Erik Swahn - Autoscope #333

Autoscope #333

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In Autoscope, Erik Swahn returns to the theme of color as building material from previous series such as Farbteiler (2021), Punktwelt (2022) and Funktor (2023). His new series as a whole describes an abstract universe consisting only of color, with each piece depicting a different scene within that universe.

Whereas many of Swahn's previous series have had objects as their motifs, Autoscope rather portrays places in the form of configurations of simple geometries. Mountains are implied through pyramids and cones, ocean swell through sine waves, and barren forests through arrays of cylinders. Some places are inhabited by primitive geometries moving through space.

In a number of different tableaux, rendered in perspectiveless projection, the series evokes a very reduced sense of place, or perhaps recollection of place, sometimes with parts of the images blurred or distorted. In some scenes, even parts of the geometries are subject to erasure. In contrast to this barrenness, each scene is rich in saturation, movement and animated intensity, pulling the viewer into a chromatic world of its own peculiar logic.

Click or press space to pause/play. Press left or right arrow to go back or forward 10 frames. Press esc to rewind to the beginning of the 60 second loop.

Press 's' to save a PNG image. Press 4/6/8 to force the resolution to 4000/6000/8000 pixels height (note that different browsers have different canvas size limits). Press 0/1 to reset the resolution.

Specify a forced height by adding a parameter in the format &h=4000 to the URL and a PNG will be automatically downloaded.


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April 29, 2024

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April 29, 2024