Gene Kogan - Art Nouveau Portrait 6

Art Nouveau Portrait 6

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Art Nouveau Portrait 6 is an edition from Gene Kogan’s project, Brain Loops. Brain Loops is the genesis project of the groundbreaking short-form AI art platform, Brain Drops. The series explores the diverse output ranges of text-to-image neural networks by generating unique artworks based on determined subject matters and art genres. Each mint displays a hypnotizing visual of emergent AI compositions that blend into each incoming frame, creating a perfectly looping video work.


Brain Loops is a collection of AI-generated looping videos, created with the help of a text-to-image machine learning model. Each creation is uniquely made from a combination of various subjects and artistic genres, highlighting its great flexibility.


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Date of Mint

November 15, 2021

Date of Acquisition

April 4, 2023