Ivona Tau - 718-221 Transcendent Horizons, Beyond the Veil

718-221 Transcendent Horizons, Beyond the Veil

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This work explores the concept of parallel realities and the paths we choose, reflecting on the multiple beginnings and various ends that compose our individual narratives. The pieces in the collection have 217 starting points and 247 ending points that can be matched on both ends with other pieces to create longer narratives. Some endpoints are more rare or unique, the others appear more frequently, up to 6 times. The collection invites collectors to engage in a game-like experience where they are tasked with identifying matching elements and orchestrating their individual paths, through collecting matching elements. The works in this collection are a testiment to the ever changing landscape of our environment, both natural and human-made. They echo the subtle, sometimes imperceptible transformation occurring within our surroundings, mirroring the constant, albeit gentle, metamorphosis. It is the dance of nature and civilization that is in eternal fluxus.


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July 19, 2023

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January 18, 2024